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02 March 2008

Special Book, Special Guest

Jane SchroerJane (Bredehoeft) Schroer, who recently completed the book Holy Cross Lutheran Cemetery plans to be our guest on Sunday 30 March. She will bring samples in both color and black-and-white and will take orders at that time. Through her hard work and diligence over several years, every burial from the beginning of the cemetery through late 2006 is recorded, gravestones photographed, and the like. She also says that at that time, “I will have a check for the portion of the proceeds of the sale of each book that I am giving to the church for restoration and maintenance of the cemetery.”

Besides all the work she put in on cataloging the cemetery, Jane diligently worked in other areas of our old records. She tells us, “I have transcribed the marriage records and the baptismal records from the German to English. On the marriage records I also have an index alphabetically by Groom and one by Bride. On the baptismal records I have transcribed each as best as I could along with sponsors names. Now I am in the process of making an alphabetical listing of the baptisms. I am not publishing either of those. Those are just for the church. I will bring a copy of all of these to be left in the church office. Also I thought that perhaps on the congregation’s next major anniversary these lists would be available to you for publishing in an anniversary book.”

Finally, Jane took our burial information online. She uploaded photos and cataloged 812 interments for Holy Cross Lutheran Cemetery at Find A Grave.

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