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05 January 2008

Amen! for the High Schoolers

Current high school students, eighth grade confirmands, and parents: Please consider Amen 2008, the Higher Things youth conference in Saint Louis running from July 1-4.

Amen 2008

Since Amen 2008 is in St. Louis, our travel expenses will be minimal and since it’s close, there will be time for sightseeing either before or after. It might even work as the beginning or the end of a family vacation. If you stay through the Fourth, St. Louis has spectacular Independence Day fireworks down on the river front.

Amen 2008

If baseball is your thing, the Cardinals will be home from the end of June through the beginning of July — before and after Amen 2008. The Mets are in town from 30 June through 3 July and the Cubs visit from the Fourth through the Sixth (of course, we should probably order baseball tickets now, too!).

St. Louis Cardinals

Registration is open and filling rapidly. We hope (and need) to have ours submitted this month in order to guarantee a spot. Two years ago, we had to be put on a waiting list and would rather not cut things so closely this time. The registration cost is $325 and we’ll do all the fund raising we can in order to defray costs. However, we still need to have a $100 per person deposit from each youth when we send in our group registration.

For more information, please access the Amen 2008 FAQ or view the informational flier.

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One Final Christmas Present

Stop Shopping Around — We Have It Him in Stock!

Best Gift
A blessed Twelfth Day of Christmas to all our members, families, and friends. And remember: Even when Christmastide is over, the Gift remains among us, blessing us in Word and Sacrament as we gather in His house.

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04 January 2008

The Wise Men Traveled from Afar

MagiI wrote this hymn a few years ago and am posting it now so that if anyone would like to use in in a worship setting or for private devotions this year, they will have opportunity. I cannot imagine many circumstances where I wouldn’t grant permission for its use as long as the copyright information and authorship are noted and the lyrics remain unchanged.

The Wise Men Traveled works with several other L M (Long Meter) tunes. However, I wrote it with this particular melody in mind. The only downside is that When Christ’s Appearing Was Made Known, an Epiphany hymn in Lutheran Worship, uses the same music. Other hymns in various hymnals, including On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist’s Cry, are also set to Puer Nobis.

The Wise Men Traveled from Afar
Text by Walter P. Snyder, 1957–
St. Matthew 2:1–12
Suggested tune: Puer Nobis Nas­ci­tur

  1. The Wise Men traveled from afar
    To worship Him who, by a star,
    Was shown to be the Royal Son —
    King David’s Heir, Anointed One.

  2. A Child they found in Bethlehem,
    By Holy Ghost conceived, yet man:
    The Father’s Son in flesh and blood
    Was fully man and fully God.

  3. Their incense honored Deity
    And gold was gift to royalty;
    While myrrh foreshadowed death and grave
    As sinful men He came to save.

  4. Yet tomb was not His final end;
    He rose — our Wisdom, Savior, Friend.
    The Morning Star still beams His light
    And scatters Satan’s gloomy night.

  5. Salvation, pardon, life, and health —
    Richness beyond all earthly wealth —
    Through Word and water, body, blood,
    Christ gives these gifts of highest good.

  6. To God the Father and the Son,
    With Holy Ghost forever One,
    Be honor, glory, hymns of praise
    By men and angels ever raised.

— W. P. Snyder © 2004
May not be used or reproduced without permission

Ask the Pastor includes additional commentary regarding the young Christ Child’s distinguished visitors. If interested, please see Unbiblical Christmas Carols, Jesus and the Wise Men, and Names of the Magi.

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